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Google can definitely be a pain in the ***, especially now that people have a better grasp of how to force useless sites to the top of the pile when searching for subjects.

On the other hand, you can use Google's advanced search to scan a specific site, like sSnakeSs, for the answer you want. Just in case the forums built in search doesn't generate the answer you need.

When I first got on here I didn't know what the 0.1.0 meant at first. I tried searching for questions, but never got the right results. So I started searching for "0.1.0" specifically. After a couple of posts I realized it probably referred to sexes of animals, with the third number being young or unsexed animals. Not long after I found a post that answered it.

Some people will expect you to be able to find the answer to some questions easily, because they know what to look for. It might not always be obvious when searching though. Learning how to search effectively is just as important as finding the answer

So, anyway, what was your question?
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