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Hi, boidkeeper covered the main reasons for why pet stores arenít good for buying reptiles, On top of all that that is a very good list of questions too ask But, chances are whoever your talking too will make up an answer. Pet stores wont tell you where the animals come from, at least ones here wont, unless you are there enough, I know exactly what importers our local pet stores used, mainly because the people working there asked me advice during my weekly visits. I pointed out a few things they were doing wrong a few times. Then they started asking me if setups were right, or general questions about the animals. Such as feeding, set up, breeding info. Before I moved they were actually showing me lists of what the company they deal through had for the week, too see if I had any suggestions on what they should bring in.

From all this time spent talking with them, (this was like my hobby lol, I'd walk down and see what was going on in the pet shop). I discovered 2 very important things, One yes they will tell you any good info they have, but 2 they are often wrong, and wont tell you things they think might ruin your decision on buying them. Hmmm that was a nice long speech too basically say, do your own research donít go completely on what they say what they say. Always assume there wild caught, if they are not they probably are marked as so because they charge more for them. You'd be much better off purchasing an animal straight from a breeder, they are captive animals, you can find out about the adults size and care. Form somebody who owns them and successfully is breeding them. They prices are MUCH better. and they havenít been sitting on a shelf on display too the public which can cause allot of stress too most reptiles.
Good luck with your decision.
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