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Kwok, that' the best quote of heard since Trev's signature! LOL! That should be every snake breeder's motto! Ha ha!!

I don't know if it should be every snake breeders motto.... but from the title of the thread you want to put everything in a "business" context. So I am telling you to stop tripping.

Now that you have complainted about the cost side of it, why don't you complain a bit about the Revenue side of it.

How much in Cash sales did you do to incur such a huge 750$ expence in the year?

$20 an hour? what else would you have been doing that would better suit your time then drive a box of snakes to the airport?

Not trying to start a fight here, but if you are trying to run a business you will have expenses. And of course big business = big expenses. Whether it's your personal time, opportunity cost of capital, space, future earnings.

Maybe you should sell your collection to me that will solve your expense problem.


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