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Wow, I can't be believe how many amazing posts there have been. I've followed this from the get-go and I am now realizing why I like this site so much. From the top dollar breeders to the ones like myself who do it on a smaller scale with the more readily available reptiles, we are all the same. Same interests, same goals, same passions.

Yes, I too have often wondered how much of my own expenses could be recouperated by charging more based on packaging, shipping, gas and time. Then I realize that shipping a $50 gecko and a $200 gecko with an added % for those costs will only force people to go somewhere else. Which in the long run means that I will be recouperating even less by the end of the year. So basically, for me it's part of the breeding process. And really I don't mind. I do it out of the love for the hobby. I have a regular job that allows me to work upwards of 65 hours a week, and I get paid well, but like most other people I have a lot of expenses to pay for. I just like when the animals pay for themselves, which took a good 5 years to get to that point.

I am considering some higher end animals now, just because I really like them, not because they will make me more money. I'm with Katt on the thought that I will never quit my stable day job to do this breeding thing full time. Though I would never give up the reptiles either, even they put me in the hole. Though it would be nice to make some real cash to buy that Harley Ive been drooling over. Ah well, someday...

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