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Jeff, I don't think Canadians are cheap. I think most of us are overtaxed with less disposable income than others.

I would love to fork out $1500, not a pastel mind you, they hold no interest for me, but a nice bamboo rat, or a group of cave dwelling rats, but considering, I have high ultility bills and a $20K student loan to pay off, I have way more important things to be paying off. Plus very few people allow payment plans, those that I know (Henry P, SCALES, Dean, Stav, David K) I thank greatly for, for allowing me to purchase some snakes that I otherwise could not have afforded in one lump sum. Saving up in a bank acct doesn't work either, b/c mentally, I think, oh, that's my water bill, might as well pay that off now.

I'm not cheap, I'm just poor.
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