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I don't think that the cost to produce one clutch can be factored into it. Because the cost to produce one clutch of Pied Ball Pythons is the same to produce a clutch of normal Ball Pythons, given that the snakes are already in your possession.

Ha ha, thanks for the vote of confidence Marisa! :-) The reason I posted about the projector was actually 2 fold. One, I was pumped about getting it as I've been researching it for some time. But more importantly, I was trying to drum up interest for higher-dollar animals in Canada. People in the country are cheap. No question. Animals over $500 do not move fast in Canada. Much like on the SnakeKeeper's site, I was trying to show the possibilities of what can happen if you make an investment with the right animals. I bought a Pastel for $1500 from Mark Mandic (thanx buddy) and in 8 months it bred and produced 2 clutches, generating $7,000. This year, its produced $8,000 worth of Pastels already, with 30 more eggs to hatch. Even if the price drops in HALF for Pastels, it'll still produce $15,000 worth of animals! That's insane. People looking for their hobby to support itself of to generate some serious side income have to realize that its there for the taking. I always look back at Trev's (Boidkeep/Chewie) signature. "Keep doing what you're doing, keep getting what you're getting". Its so true. Think Corey and Mark and Don and Henry and Mark I. and Craig were just content to sit back on their laurels? Nope. They had visions of taking the next step(s), and they did.

I was just trying to show people what's possible with a tiny investment. I don't really care how people took it though. But I know for pretty much certainty that I won't have any Pastels for sale past October this year, LOL! The resonce was phenomenal.

Also, people keep talking about how much work and time it takes to keep care of snakes (reptiles). That may be true for like 1000 animals, but really, its not THAT much work. Having a few Ball Pythons, a couple pairs of boas, some Carpets and maybe a few colubrids that could generate over $40,000 a year easily isnít that much work. Maybe Ĺ hour a day if set up correctly. Its really amazing what can be done with breeding a few select animals. Itís a hobby with unlimited potential. Thatís why I love it. And even though Iíd do it if there was zero or minus money involved (which I did for 10 years), its nice to have the hobby supports itself, and by chance, support not having to work as hard in life to be able to enjoy it even further.

Thatís totally cool in my mind. I donít know how you could argue with that!

Cheers all!
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