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Hey, I must have misread the original post I understood it as longer then that. And if his story changes as you said it has then that would give you reason not too trust him and too pull out. If true "bibrons geckos" cannot be exported and he said he has that many of them would that not be a bit unbelievable? If its something that hard too get into captivity then not too sound offensive but how did somebody that young end up with them?? There are a few other things you mentioned that would make me doubt him, such as spending 250 a month, anybody ho can keep that large of a colonies would breed there own insects would they not ?? I only have one insect eating animal (ha ha makes me sound small, I don’t keep geckos right now mostly boids) and even I breed my own insects. As soon as he changed his story he discredited himself. Now it may be all very true, no matter how doubtful but I would definitely let him know he’s too young for you too sell too without parental consent. Still soften it up say its just a necessary thing you have too do ect ect . And then verify his story, I have also never heard of bibrons morphs. But like I said I’m not that into geckos. Nobody will blame you for being responsible and talking too the parents. Especially if the stories changed, and if the buyer really needs too add new blood (even if its with geckos that are related??) he wont argue with a simple phone call would he? The other thing I would do is start to through in the odd question too verify his stories, don’t flat out question him, but everything can be checked without seeming like you don’t belive him. Just act really interested in everything he’s saying. Ask him if he knows where it was he got his “true bibrons” because you might be interested in a few, ask if he’d be willing too sell maybe trade, you don’t have too actually follow through just one lengthy e-mail too see how he responds. Ask about his “tricks of the trade” Breeding info, where he found morphs and if he’s willing too sell some. What sort of incubator mix a few questions like that and a few you already know the answers too, and then a bunch of other just talking so its not just all questions. And see how he reacts. Also when did exporting bibrons become banned ? you could ask him (since he got them before the ban) and then e-mail the CITES and verify it, couldn’t have been long ago if he’s only 13. I’m not a deceitful person, but some situations call for a bit of that sort of thing. Ha ha ha .Good luck, seems like you’re in an annoying situation.
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