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Good posts everyone. One thing I DO NOT agree with was this statement:

"It also hard to garner sympathy for your shipping expenses when breeders make post like this."

In relation to Favelle posting about a new "toy" he will be purchasing with some profits off snakes. Why is it hard for you to give him "sympathy" as you call it? Do you get angry at Ford when the head guy buys a new house? LOL. If you invented Ford, YOU'D have that house. If you had the collection Favelle does, then YOU'D have the projector.

All I am saying is do not allow material jealously to come in the discussion. If many of us were on the other side of the stick, we'd have different outlooks on what should be charges and what shouldn't be.

Another thing I am suprised to see is some people saying there is little to no cost once to produce snakes once you have gotten a clutch or two....this is just CRAZY talk! If my snakes breed or not, they cost me the same as they day I got them to upkeep aside from their own purchase price. Every week someone needs something else, and these purchases add up to a lot at the end of a year. And then you decide to breed, and the year you are breeding will cost you FAR more than years you do not. Then you add in money for your time???? Holy cow...! It seems some people are still looking at reptiles like the "get rich fast" type of business.

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