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It's always going to be incognito via selling on the net! As well as the rip-offs that go with it as well ( people selling reptiles via a pic when the reptile arives it's nothing like in the pics if it even arrives at all) as long as people do the transactions via the internet vs, going to your local reptile dealer. When someone comes in my store my first impulse is to SELL! but! not at any cost!... When i was new to the business i would have sold and did sell to children under 14 and never to children under 12. In the end i had more angry parents then i had happy ones as they had no clue there son was bringing home a snake! I never really realized the consequences until one day a father of a boy i sold a ball python to said "well son!" guess you lost 125$ because your leting the snake go! It was then i had realized what possibly could happen to my reptiles by doing so..... I have a sign at the cash these days not selling to children under the age of 18 unless acompanied by an adult and that's a parent not friend of the family or some guy the kid just paid 5 bucks outside the door to say that this boy/girls there son. I ask for i.d believe it or not or a home number where i can call to confirm the parents are aware as well. I also look at how the child handles the reptile because i have had some want to buy a snake just to have one and did'nt even have a clue about what they were buying and obviously would'nt care for the snake as well as you or i would. Best advice is to make up a contract between the buyer and seller and have both the adult and child sign it as well as some care sheets to follow it only takes a few seconds to print off some sheets for your client instead of trying to sell them booklets on the how to etc.... I guess it all lays in the hands of the reptile dealers to inform these new clients about the proper care for the reptile they just bought and not up to the customer. Anyone can sell a snake and be done with it and on to the next me personaly i love hearing how the snakes doing it's habits how it's feeding etc. I also spend the time to talk to a customer and not rush them out the door because another sales waiting. I sold a texas rat snake pair to a 13 yr old 3 yrs ago he came back and bought 6 more within the year he bought the first 2 .... I now buy all my ratsnakes from him as he is now breeding them and very responsible...... we can't judge someone on there age as some 13 yr olds take better care of there reptiles then alot of adults i have sold to. Thanks for reading hope it makes some think. My opinion is if the parents are aware and the child shows real signs of interest in the paticular reptile chances are there going to keep that reptile well and safe for years to come and may even show up on your door one day as a breeder as one has with me, This child has also produced me some amazing corns as well. I would just talk to his parents i am sure they are aware but make sure anyways it's safer for you in the end!!! as well as the reptile!!!!!!!
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