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Flooding the market with certain species has been mentioned a bit already - but what happens if you can't sell all your jungles at the price you want. I know someone who didn't sell out of last years stock, and they were priced lower than yours.
I hear ya on that one brother. I had 2 people email me by the end of last summer wondering how I sold all mine. I was priced at LEAST 10 percent higher than they were as well. I have no idea why they couldn't sell them. It'll be interesting this year as well. I'm not worried in the least, and I'm even trying to move stock for other fellow breeders. Hard work and patience is all it takes. If people can't house and feed baby snakes for up to 6-9 months, then they shouldn't be breeding them.

But we digress....

Thanks for the input guys, keep it coming! I can't believe we've had a meaningful discussion over 5 pages and no one has gotten personal, attacked anyone, been banned, gotten mad, etc etc. Especially a post that I STARTED, ha ha! I must be losing my touch...............

I agree, and have agreed for the last decade (longer?) that its a "cost of doing business". Overhead if you will. Heck, when I was still in university a while back (don't as how long), that was when I first started breeding reptiles and amphibians. I had frogs and colubrids and salamanders and Leo Geckos and Day Geckos etc etc. I would go to school every day until 3pm, then I would come home and deal with all the animals (I rented TWO rooms in a 6-bedroom house with 4 other students). On Saturday and Sunday, I would trek ALL ACROSS Vancouver, Surrey (yikes!), Abbotsford, Langley, North Van. Po-Co, and even Vancouver Island selling CB animals to all the pet stores. I MAILED (this was before I even HEARD of the ďNetĒ) price-lists and newsletters about what I had and was going to have for sale. Then I would get calls every day/night for animals wanted and I could get them all ready for the Saturday and Sunday journeys. I would HAND DELIVER the freeeakiní animals! Leo Geckos were $125 (heh heh) and Day Geckos were $150 (again, heh heh) and I had corn snakes, Cal. Kings, Mantells, Fire Salamanders, Pueblans, Kenyan Sand Boas, etc etc. I probably spent more money on gas and bus tickets than I ever made, ha ha!

But thatís what started it. And I never added a shipping cost or a packing cost. I still havenít charged for packing to this day, as Iíve lumped that together with feeding, electricity, etc etc. But I was just curious to know if people even KNEW the costs incurred. I mean, if I told someone that they had to give me $720 every year to have their life the EXACT same way because it was some unknown ďtaxĒ on their occupation, they would slit my throat! But hey, the customers dictate the market on items that are readily available. Iím sure if I had Pastel Pied Albino Ball Pythons, I could charge for digi-photos of the damn things! Ha ha! J

Thanks for sharing your thoughts everyone, especially the people who took the time to think it out and write something legible and eloquent. That means a lot to me. It means a lot because it shows that you were willing to take the time to express your feelings and thoughts when you could have easily ignored me. For that I thank you. Cheers.

Great post jwsporty.

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