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In the end retailers and wholesalers think of it this way...... You get what you paid for! if you see a ball python for lets say 50$ and the next guys selling them for 150$ sometimes it's the guy at 50$ just simply don't know what he's doing and is underselling himself but most times they do know why there snakes are so cheap! And there not saving you any money there just unloading there crap at any cost literaly. When your snake eventualy breeds and the patterns etc etc are just not up to standard you to will be selling those 50$ pythons eventualy because no one want's them (atleast no one that knows ball pythons) Jeff does have some decent pythons i am not going to trash him in anyway but there are some people with nicer!.. but with nicer always comes a price1 after all mcdonalds don't discount there hamburgers just because burger king did. Because the majority and demands with mcdonalds. Alot more goes into breeding then one thinks and sometimes the costs of breeding etc is way more then the actual purchase. what happens if the parents took 5 yrs to actualy breed?! let's remember alot of the breeders have these snakes for the soul purpose of breeding may it be 2-3 yrs ... 3 yrs is 156 weeks at 2$ a week to feed we will say so we are at 312.00 for the male and 312.00 for the female in 3 yrs now add the vet trips the heating device any lighting your time to care for the snake among other things not to mention the stress of running these operations. As far as shipping goes it's roughly 65.00 to ship and i have had someone want 2 rat snakes shipped to B.C now i sell the pair at 75.00 but shippings 65.00 would'nt it be more worth your while to go to your local dealer and purchase the 2 ratsnakes rather then ship them?.... I thought that way as i sell my rat snakes in store at 49.99 but talking to many people on snakes .com i am learning these snakes are being sold as high as 125$ each in local petshops should i raise my price?... Are those rat snakes worth more then mine? do they have gold fangs? lol can they dance? sing me a song?.... no it's taken into account there overhead there boarding of the snake and what they paid. Most petshops though don't buy unless there geting a deal and most don't know a ratsnake from a cornsnake! it's all about set prices typical ball pythons sell where i am for 125$ anywhere may it be through me or a petshop 125$ is the price in mtl I sell mine for 99$ - $175 depending the color the length the sex and breed, there's many factors in buying the right snakes and i guess it's better to shop around before buying this way you can maybe have the best deal but remember people in the end your really geting what your paying for because a good business man and not in it for the hobby will always think about cash before the actual transaction. One last tip i have bought about 15 snakes through pics then being shipped i have yet to recieve a snake that actualy looks like the pic i seen of the snake!!!!! It's not only about cost of doing business but buyer beware .... So i end this note on this : If your paying high and buying from someone with a good reputation chances are your geting what you pay for and actually geting the snake that you seen at first through pics as they are a business and would'nt be in business long if they played those types of games with customers because customers always right after all they are your business!

thanks for reading hope it makes some sense!

Rob.. :
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