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The cost of doing business is one factor in almost all of our reptile dealings. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser as far as airline transport goes. The costs of packaging and transport to the airport are something we have learned to deal with. The nearest airport is 160 km away, 1 way. I cant imagine asking the buyer to pay the extra $60 for fuel that it will cost us to get to the airport (yes, I know the truck sucks up gas). That is also why we do not sell corns and other common colubrids anymore...a $100 snake would cost me $60 to get it to the airport, and the buyers grumble enough about shipping costs already.
We also factor this in when we purchase snakes, what the purchase price is for the snake, what shipping will cost, and the costs for us to go to the airport to pick it up. Sure, if we lived in the city we would save some money on trips to the airport, but it would be spent elsewhere on housing and higher costs of living.

The cost of doing business, as you say.
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