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Thanks all. First off, I posted this in the General Enclosures section because I'm stupid. I thought it read "General Discussion" :P Oops! If a mod can move it that's good.

It's hard to say whether I think he is capable. He tells me he is breeding all kinds of morphs of this gecko (they are bibrons geckos, btw). I didn't know there even were different morphs possible. He named all kinds of leo-type morphs but with bibrons. It sounded weird but since they breed so easily I figured anything is possible. He even emailed me to tell me he just hatched an albino bibrons. I congratulated him (although I didn't believe it) and told him to send me some pics. He said he would. He hasn't sent them. Then he proceded to tell me he has only really been breeding them since last August. I don't think you can get all those morphs in under a year.

I then had a lengthy discussion with him that the bibrons geckos we keep in captivity are actually Turner's geckos since it is illegal to export true bibrons from South Africa (where they are isolated). He told me he was sure he had bibrons. I showed him pics and articles but he told me he was positive he had bibrons. He got them before the "ban". As he is a breeder I figured he had to be telling the truth. What do I know? I thought this unlikely but anything is possible I suppose. I told him I positively have turner's gex but that they may cross with bibrons (no guarantee). He said that's fine while personally, I would have said, "Sorry, no sale if I'm not getting breedable animals." But who am I to say no if he's willing to accept this responsibility?

He told me he currently has 64 bibrons he is breeding and wanted to increase the gene pool of his bibrons by adding 15 of mine. I told him that all 15 of mine are related paternally (I'm not sure if I told him the mothers are most likely sisters but I did tell him I bought them at the same time). He didn't have a problem with that even though, to me, 15 brothers/sisters, half-brothers/sisters isn't increasing the gene pool too much but who am I to argue?

Well, I suppose he could take care of them properly. They aren't difficult to care for and make a good first gecko. But now I'm wondering if he's stretching the truth and that doesn't make me feel any better. He told me he spends upwards of $250 a month on food for the geckos. I'm sorry but Bibrons do not bring in a large income, especially at $20 a gecko and how is a 13 year old getting $250 a month? I can't even afford that and I'm close to 30!

OMG, this reeks of something and I am feeling more and more uncomfortable after writing this post.

Devon: We have only been discussing the sale for about 25 days. It hasn't been months and months. I don't know if that changes your opinion
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