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why should people as breeders expect to be paid to get the animals (which is your job) to the airport??
Well, I guess some people are penny pinchers

This talk of TAX FREE $ & "it didn't cost you nothing for the babies as you were keeping the parents anyway" etc. Some will always remain CLUELESS LOL People seem to forget that these animals were aquired as babies & raised for years prior breeding. I didn't see any examples involving $30-$50 snakes which make up large protions of most CDN Colubrid breeders collections. I make about $5 off a $30 snake if I am LUCKY.
Well there is your problem, you are selling low-end reptiles, so how much do you expect to make? The cost of caring for a Colubrid vs (lets say a GTP) probably are not that much different. I can't give exact numbers cause I don't keep either. But common sense tells you that if each enclosure has a heat light, heat pad, water bowl, & substrate, they must be pretty close in comparison. Oh wait a GTP requires higher humidity, so you better recoup the cost of a spray bottle and all that water your gonna go through!!
Then add in food. Again not sure exactly how much each of them eat, but it can't be too far off. For arguement sake, lets say it costs $700 for a year rasing a breeding pair of Corn snakes and $1000 a year for a pair of GTP's. The return on a litter of GTP's is drastically greater. I believe they sell for $500-800 each (correct me if I am wrong).

It's kinda like a car dealer that sells Chevy Cavaliers vs a car dealership selling BMW's. You dont have to sell nearly as many Beemers to make a profit as you would on a Chevy Cavalier, but the cost of running each dealership is probably very close in comparison.

As far as raising these snakes from babies. Isn't that what the hobby is about??? If I ever breed my BCI, I am not going to put the cost of the last 3 years of caring for him, into the cost of the babies. That's just down right greedy!!! There is a fair market value for baby Colombian BCI's. That's what I would charge. I would make a grand or so off of a litter and I would be more than happy with that. AND THE MONEY WOULD BE TAX FREE (directly into my pocket).

Now, I understand that a large scale breeder has much higher overhead. BUT, they also have a more diversified product line. Which in turn would allow them to profit more on some animals as they would on others. I am willing to bet Bob Clark did not get to where he is from being petty. Sometimes as a business person, you have to suck up some of the "little costs" to help with future business. (ie repeat customers & word of mouth advertising.) Just my thoughts.

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