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Hey, if youíve been going for months and the person in question seemed reputable then I would consider it unfair too not deal with him because heís young. It looks bad on anybody if the pull out of a deal thatís been planed, for something like that. If you truly are concerned then speak with the individual and explain the situation, maybe soften it up a bit, tell him because of liability he has too have somebody of legal age too consent too the purchase. It wouldnít be hard too just tell him the deal should be fine but because you have too cover your own but you have too talk too a legal guardian. If heís been dealing with this business Iím sure he'll understand your situation. The homeowner should have a say in what is in the home. No harm in double-checking that too make sure nothings going on. But too simply cancel the action because of his age seems wrong too me a deal is a deal, and unless he deliberately was deceiving you and lying about his age, then its not his fault at all you assumed he was older, . Thatís just my 2 cents. I always like too talk too somebody if not in person then over the phone. You can tell allot about a person by how they talk age, maturity, personality, and knowledge. est. All from a phone call without actually asking any of it.

P.s, why is this in the enclosure discussion section ??

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