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No Jeff, no candy in Saskatchewan, but we have to go to Alberta to ship out snakes.

If you are looking for honest opininons, then I think that tacking on money to package a shipment is just wrong. I am not meaning to offend anyone in the next portion of my reply - but this is my deep honest opinion on things.

Maybe I still view this as a hobby - but I've never gotten how some people will look at and apply standards from other industry practises on to it. Deciding the proper price for an animal is another one I've debated on before. You know, C.B balls are $150 in Calgary, don't sell them for less than that etc...

Another thing. Your the only person I thought I knew who put the prices up on their snakes for a show. Who else does this (in Canada)? I remembered thinking that was odd at the time (before Red Deer last year, you mentioned higher prices in your adds before the show) I am not giving you a shot, I just was curious who also does it.

Because we are more remote, we feel the added costs a bit more. With the price of gas now, it costs us about $60 / trip. I would not deliver 1 cornsnake to the airport.

I will do the drive, however, for indigos, diamonds or blackheads (in the future).

If $12 adds up so much with jungles, why not get diamonds. I guess I look at it a bit simple at times, but.

Flooding the market with certain species has been mentioned a bit already - but what happens if you can't sell all your jungles at the price you want. I know someone who didn't sell out of last years stock, and they were priced lower than yours.

People would probably pay more for Jungles by Jeff Favelle, than Jungles by Dallas Winslow (made the name up, i hope).

I might too, unless Jeff Favelle charged $12 to box up snakes and run to the airport.

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