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Selling to a minor

Situation: I have been in contact with someone interested in buying a number of geckos from me. We've been emailing for the better part of a month planning when I will have the animals available and when/how I will ship them to him (out of province). During some small-talk today, he mentioned to me that he is 13 years old. I had assumed he was over 18 because he sells at shows and has a "business name". In fact, one of the questions I was going to ask him just before shipping was, "Are you 18 or older?". I do not feel comfortable selling to someone under 18, especially under 16, and especially under 16 and never met face to face. Recently there was a situation in the BOI about a minor receiving a snake and his mother complained that the animal died and they want the money back. Even if I was to get parental consent, I still feel like there are too many problems tied up in this.

Does anyone have an opinion on what you think I should do? I don't want to be a "bad businessman" since I never stated the buyer must be 18+. But I also don't feel comfortable selling to a minor.

Thanks for reading.
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