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I agree for the most part latazyo. With everything EXCEPT this line:

when you order products from a dealer online you are not expecting to pay extra for the cardboard box they ship it in...they have already included that overhead cost into the price of their product

I order stuff for my real job EVERYDAY. I'll show you the invoices because we get DINGED for EVERYTHING. Boxes, packing peanuts, bags, everything. No question. I order computer parts for myself and friends online every day. We get charged for EVERYTHING. Always. Its never been a question of not being charged. Almost every industry does it. Go to any wholesaler or retailer and look at their order invoices. You'd be surprised at what they get charged for to bring stuff in.

I agree with the overhead stuff though. That's the stance I've taken the last 10 years, but I thought this would be a fun discussion and an eye-opening topic for people who seem to think we are "cleaning up" in terms of money.

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