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That's why you "full time breeders" ought to get a real job and a real paycheque. Bunch of lazy slobs.


I'm with Roy, selling to private people sucks b/c people suck. I'm in no ways a full time breeder, I keep my collection for myself, I lose money every year, hundreds even but hey, it's my hobby and I do have a full time job which I despise utterly, but it pays for the bills and let me keep my snakes for myself, instead of relying on them to pay for themselves and my own livelihood. I can't deal with the stress of a unreliable monetary source.

I'm mostly a buyer rather than a seller and I can tell you, that seeing extra charges tacked on gets my goat. When I see snake for X amount, I want to pay X amount plus Y for shipping from AC, WestJet or whoever and I already know their shipping rates. I don't want to buy a snake and then the buyer say, hey, I need $12 to pack it all up. It just seems like money grabbing to me. Just include it in your price for goodness sakes!

Thing is snakes aren't *that* hard to breed. Some one like myself who has just a few litters each year, can undercut any large scale breeders b/c I don't have to recouperate any costs. I just wake up at 5am, go to work, and get paid every two weeks anyways. However, b/c I know a lot of breeders and don't want to piss anyone off, I price what I have according to the market, and sell cheap to people I know and like. However, not everyone is going to be nice and not step on the breeders' toes.

It's the buyers who rule the market, not the sellers. That's why dollar stores are so popular. No one thinks of the behind the scenes. All they think is, I want to save as much as possible and get what I want. You will cut yourself at the throat if you tack on more charges to people who are already taxed to death.

Breeders can go on and on about how they have to pay for this and pay for that, but you weren't forced into it. Companies fail to thrive all the time, and no one will weep if someone doesn't make it.

Anyway, this turned out a bit long, and for anyone who didn't get it. I was joking in the first paragraph.

I surely admire you full time breeders. Business and salesmenship just aren't my gig. That and having to wait for snakes to breed and lay eggs so that I can put food in my belly, is just too unreliable to me. Best of luck to those of you have chosen that way.
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