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Good post Jeff. Just by reading some of the replies I'll have to state that some people still don't get it. This talk of TAX FREE $ & "it didn't cost you nothing for the babies as you were keeping the parents anyway" etc. Some will always remain CLUELESS LOL People seem to forget that these animals were aquired as babies & raised for years prior breeding. I didn't see any examples involving $30-$50 snakes which make up large protions of most CDN Colubrid breeders collections. I make about $5 off a $30 snake if I am LUCKY. OVERHEAD is a big word that most people unless they actually understand business would never even consider. Glad to see the posts that make people think its not all gravy & the literally 100's of hours of work a month we put in might actually be worth something too. HECK Favelle aren't you a Millonaire already selling all those snakes for 100s of $ you must be. Good Reality Check Post. Mark
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