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Excellent post Jeff helps get the majority of people thinking in a different light (breeders aside of course) If you look at it in a total cost stand point over a whole lot of animals it could be an alarming amount of money per year. Concept3 a lot of breeders make very little money when and if they do the bottom line at the end of the year cost versus sell. You have to figure in energy costs food costs meds housing costs and so on and so forth. Lets do a cost over sell for Colombian boas for example and see what we come up with(very rough figures) Energy consumption for one male and one female for one year $100.00 each give or take food bills for one year 2 Jumbo rats every 2 weeks @$3.00 each times 2 snakes $312.00(rabbits cost more) say one vet trip per year $150.00 Lets say the female drops 25 little ones and you hold on to them for 6 weeks to give them 4-5 feedings and a couple of sheds before selling them. Energy cost for each in an efficient rack system 50 cents each snake per week times 25 snakes times 6 weeks $75.00 four feedings each at 50 cents per feeding $50.00. Doing the math on the above we would get a total cash outlay of.

Parents inclusive costs per anum

Offspring costs (ready to ship)

Total outlay
$785.00 and that is if all the neonates ship out and you don't have to keep housing them and feeding them for any length of time.

$785.00 divided by 25 neonates equals $31.40 per snake plus $12.00 for packaging equals $43.40 per snake. Even if you got $150.00 on average per each this leaves $ 107.60 per snake. If we figure in our time based on what we make in our jobs (hourly or salary) the above $107.60 shrinks really fast and probably becomes a break even or a net loss. High end animals will net you more and cost you more. I take my hat off to all of the breeders here in Canada the majority of them do it because it is something they love to do and if they were in it for just the money we would currently have a lot less animals to choose from on the market and we would all suffer.

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