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The idea of a two day event is not new and has been tried with the past symposiums...
In todays fast paced busy world, the majority of people have a hard time justifying 2 days to attend herp events.
In addition to tying up an entire weekend, and putting regular responsibilites on hold, which just isn't possible for many,
multiple day events mean stay overs for out of towners, and this means hotel bills, and restaurant meals, which adds a great deal to the cost of attending.. All those factors become negatives in alot of peoples minds.
I think we'll all agree that 5 bucks to get in is a good deal, but how bout a hundred extra plus meals for a hotel room, in order to attend the second day??
In addition to that what do you do with the animals?
If you're talking a two day event, the animals must be secured, heated, and in some cases fed and watered for an overnight stay.. Not all venues will allow animals on the premises overnight, and even if so, adequate security would be essential, and that would come with a cost.
This becomes an additional complication and worry for both vendors and customers, especially for out of towners, who can't easily run home to drop off their new acquisitions.
It's true this type of thing is done in the US, but it is expensive, and not without complications. There are tons of stories about animals loose in hotel rooms, thefts, and stuff getting baked in peoples cars.

I think a one day event fairly regularily is just right!
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