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I toally understand what ur saying Jeff........I am in the same boat but it cost me about 10.00 for gas since I am about 85km from the airport........But .......I really think that the handling charge is built into he cost of the animal same with GST (if u have to charge it ) ....Its more paper work for u at the end of the year but most of its a write off anyway and goes under ur expenses u do see some of that money back .......
I think that if u start adding that additional charge to the cost of the animal (unless its a high end one) u will see people upset about it and u might have to be explaing urself all the time while trying to sell ........there are alot of people out there that already think we make tons of money and charge to much for our animals ..... with adding that extra charge u might just be adding extra problems....

So what I do with my pricing is I roughly take middle of the raod US prices.....convert them and add GST and the cost of cooler ect....then I round it up or down to the closest dollar ....I hate change ....LOL......It has worked out pretty well over the last 15 yrs but who is to say that I might end up shipping way more in the years to come ....Then I might have to rethink a few things...But I guess thats what set shipping days are for .......
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