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Heck I think that the worst one was around half a year or so ago....when I had my snow corn for sale at $38 dollars....and that guy put down $35 and I said...well it's $38 dollars..that guy took the $35 dollars back and put my snow female down....and walked a person would actually walk away from a buy for $3 dollars!!!!
Last show i had someone haggle with me over $2.. He was buying something for $5, and wanted it for $3.. Then opened it and said it was scratched.. I told him i would give him his $5 back and sell it to someone else for $3 since it was opened.. Needless to say, he took what he bought and walked away..

My main point is this....lets say Favelle has one price list that says "Jungles 500....shipping extra + 15 handling charge..." or another one that says "Jungles.....515.00 + shipping" that to me seems more reasonable and easier to digest. its the exact same thing but to a buyer when you see extra charges tacked on, it looks worse. And if I want Favelles jungles, I'll pay the 515.
I agree with that for sure.. I think a lot of people get frustrated when they see the + this and + that.. Just include your time ect. into the price and im sure you won't hear any complaints.. What's an extra $15-$20 for quality animals??
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