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Originally posted by marisa
One more thing to add:

Simon- I am afriad I will not be very popular as a reptile breeder, because if anyone came to me, and complained over 5 bucks, I would tell them where they can find that 5 bucks, and it wouldnt be pretty.


Well to be honest I don't tell them directly. I just tell them in my heart...I mean..what is $5 dollars!!! Heck I think that the worst one was around half a year or so ago....when I had my snow corn for sale at $38 dollars....and that guy put down $35 and I said...well it's $38 dollars..that guy took the $35 dollars back and put my snow female down....and walked a person would actually walk away from a buy for $3 dollars!!!!

Maybe its just me....

But really for me, myself as the buyer. If I wanted to get a quality animal from a reputable breeder, I wouldn't mind paying a few extra bucks more.

Say if I get anything from Jeff Favelle, Don Patterson, Roy Stockwell, Don Soderberg, Kathy Love, etc etc....I wouldn't mind paying that extra few bucks for transport and all for a quality animal. But a lot of people (espeically new herpers, sorry not directing at any new herpers) really do mind that extra cost and will get stuff somewhere else.

Heck I tried to put that extra cost on before (with the $10 dollars boxing fee) and people didn't like it and started emailing me about how stupid that was to charge an extra fee and all.....and that was around 2 years ago.....
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