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I most definitely agree with you.
Shipping and handling fees should be added. In our own opinion (as breeders and sellers) these costs should be added to the animals that we produced and offer to the public.

BUT I can definitely tell you that 80% of the time when you tell the buyer that you're going to do that, he/she backs out of the deal. We can't put the charge on the snake either, since most prices are not only set bu us. But by basically the market itself. Even though reputation does play a big part in this 'industry' that we have here, money plays a bigger part. If we did raise our price (say $20) dollars more than the market price, we'll be basically losing quite a big of buyers. Since there are always other sellers that will sell out an animal that is like half our price and doesn't even put that 'service charge' into consideration since they're only doing it one time only. As for you and me, where we are doing this for a long time are always the ones that has to suffer the lost.

So I agree with you Jeff about the 'extra charge' but this would greatly affect the demand of people. Since our price is mostly at the high end (hey you pay at you get). So increasing it more would just mean that our animals goes even slower.....

I agree that Marsia said 'Anyone who bitches about a 20 dollar more per say 300 dollar animal is too cheap to own reptiles anyway' but the truth is that....people are cheap. I have been dealing with a lot of customers who wouldn't even pay $5 dollars more....I offered $160 for a snake they they come back and tell me that the highest pay that he/she will pay is $155.....

So at the end Jeff....I think that we wont be able to charge this extra. $$ into the cost. We would be, but we'll lose more than the extra charge to cover those cost....

but this is all based on my own opinion....
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