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I would think that being an 'accomplished' breeder isn't an automatic title bestowed on someone who breeds high-end or rare animals. To me, it signifies someone who is not only successful with hard to breed animals, but also works with the 'underdog' species - the ones which most people don't bother with. There are two people I can think of who fit the description, Unkie Roy and Neil Meister. They've both shown dedication to breeding by working with 'impossible' species. They both contributed immensely to the knowledge database of reptile breeding. What they went through to get those first hatchling Schneider Skinks, or U Phantasticus shows dedication that many (or even most) of us 'breeders' don't have. They stuck with it even though the odds were against them. They'll probably never recoup the time and money spent of their various breeding projects, and years of failure didn't stop them. Yet they both happily helped the rest of us with our questions, willingly revealing their 'trade secrets' of success.
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