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I hate to be the devil's advocate here, but I have to....

What are you going to do when people point out the "cruelty" of feeding mice, rats, and rabbits to your snakes? Whether you feed live, freshly whacked, or even "humanely gassed" rodents to your animals, killing an animal that would otherwise live is going to reflect badly on an organization that supposedly supports the "standing up and fighting for animal rights, no matter how big the difference they make is".

Not only will this get your organization completely discredited, but something you have to realize is, the more you bring carnivorous animals like snakes (and some other reptiles) into the limelight by writing letters to politicians and so on, the MORE likely you are to get reptiles banned. All it takes is for you to bring to the attention of a politician something that they otherwise would have paid no mind to, and the next thing you know, a debate ensues that leads to a reptile ban.

I think you need to seriously rethink your strategy, and rethink the direction you'd like to take it, because you could be putting our hobby in jeopardy.
- Ken LePage
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