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500th Post!!!

I just noticed that i had 499 this is now number 500!!! If you could i would like to share a couple of words about this victory.

First off...i would like to thank my mom and dad for having done such a fine job raising me..i would like to thank my manager Jeff ******** for always helping make the right decissions....i would like to thank Britiney Spears for pants that almost fall of and videos that keep me up at night. I would like to thank the lord...cause if i dont...he'll have another complaint for me on the big day...i would like to thank Kiwi shoe polish for making a product that not only keeps me shiny but also tastes great too. I would like to thank the world for unicorns, puppy dogs and long walks on the beach...but most of all i wanna thank all of my fans out there...without you i would be nothing....NOTHING I SAY!!!
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