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Well, it certainly was a great weekend! Rain at night, sun during the day, and lots of snakes! There is no really accurate count, but based on the numbers found during the survey of the Wilds of Pelee property (~300) plus our various outings, I would say that we were easily over 500 snakes for the weekend for the whole group. We did find a couple of blue racers, but perhaps even more interesting was the sheer number of fox snakes- 24 by the time we left for the ferry, and I hear that Jordan saw another one the next day! 13 (our previous weekend best) on the first day alone, just on the centre property! Though it could just be lucky, I think this is an indication that the habitat features we have helped to build there over the last few years are working. On Sunday, we got 13 species- the only herp we missed seeing that is reasonably possible was the common map turtle.

Of course, we got a lot of projects done too, including collecting reeds for a thatched roof, planting/staking trees, removing other trees from a restoration area, and digging the hole for the foundation of the chicken coop.

Thanks, everyone, for your efforts. I hope everyone had a good time, and hopefully we will do it again next year!

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