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Need some help and advice...

Hey all,
A few days back a few friends of mine and I decided to form T.A.A.C( teens against animal crulty), Our basic misson is to first educate people on reptiles( since people only protect what they understand), to motivate and encourage other kids and teens that they too can make a difference by standing up and fightening for animal rights, no matter how big the difference they make is and also to write letters and petitions to goerment officials on matter which we think should be adressed( for example our current mission right now is getting lots of people from our school and community to write proffesional letters to officials about raising the punishment for people who abuse animals). We don;t think it'll do much but at leats its a start anyways, since were new to the whole thing and we've never done reptile shows or petitons and so on, we were hoping that some of you guys that have done this sorta thing befor could give us some helpful pointers or tips. If all goes well we are planning on doing our first show by late augest and then next year to vist various elementry schools and other places to educate and also plan on setting up a headqauters at school were kids from our school can get involved( however we are not limmited to just our school we have a few members from other places as well).
Also once the website is done will post it and maybe u guys can give us some feed back
Thx alot

Kayla Young
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