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All Ontario Reptile Expo June 13th

With summer here lets have one more big-butt party to kick it off. June 13th at the ST Jons Hall in Mississauga from 9 am to 4 pm. The All Ontario Reptile Expo and participating vendors welcome you to the "new" facility. We recieved nothing but absolutely rave reviews on the new location. Great parking, easy to get to, bright, open concept, guest speakers, great food and great vendors.

This Expo I am confident you will have a great time once again. The outside barbque will be hosted by the Snake Bar (Devin and Steven) and operated by the BBQ Brothers and M&M Meats. A great summer event.

Our guest speaker is simply one of the leaders within his realm of expertise. At 10:30 a.m. (approx) Gregg Maxwell author of "The Complete Chondro" will be speaking on his book and efforts. He will also be signing his book after his talk.

At 12 noon get out the pocket books to help out a great cause as Steve Marks will be auctioning off the rights to shave his nest for the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre. The highest donation will get the right to do so. Credit Cards and Debit Machine payments will be accepted for this hahaha.

To finalize the day of social and education drop by the second ampitheatre at 1:30 to meet the many users that we have all been chatting with over the past few years but have never met face to face. I will provide some sticker name tags. Walk around and say hi to the many users of one of the fastest growing herp networks.

As always no Expo is an expo without a great list of vendors. Clearly once again we have participants from across the country. All are confirmed and ready to show off their supplies, services and captive bred offspring. An Expo for the reptile enthusiasts.

If there are any questions or if you would like more information on the event please do not hesitate to email me or call me directly. I hope to see you there!

Grant Crossman
905 274 8018

Port Credit Pet Centre Reptile Central "
High Quality Reptiles
Quality Captives
Corey Woods
The Monitor Spot
Scotty Allen
CARCNET Canadian Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Network
Geekos Exotics
The Ontario Frog Watch
Canadian Captive Breeding - Big Dan
Cricket Creations
Faith Dragons
Matt Kameka
Mark Pepper Understory Enterprises
Tails and Scales Rescue
Rob Ward Rodent Broker
Advanced Terrarium Systems
Glass Zoo
The Ontario Turtle and Tortoise Society
Massassauga Recovery Project
Phil Ramos
Walking Rock Mugs - Turtle Haven
High Quality Reptiles
City of Mississauga Animal Control
Reptile Wrang
The Reptile Store
JD Terrariums
Extreme Snakes
Nathan Greenlay
Jesse Deluca
Markus Jayne Ball Pythons
Niagara Reptiles
Capitol Dragons
Reptile Amazone
Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre
Mice 4 You
Crazy Critters
Modern Dinosaurs
Reptile Rainforest
Exotic Wings n Things
Woodland Edge Herps
Canadian Feeders
Habitarium Reptile Enclosures
Reptile Rascals
LizardFlies Reptile Services
Tropical Expressions
Large Exotics
Arboreal Exotics
Marty McManus
Scrappy Dragons
Reptile Habitat Control Systems
Reptile Kings
Painted Desert Geckos
Northern Gecko
Reptiles Canada
Canadian Coldblooded
Jonathon Crowe
Herps R Us
Gilliards Herps Canada
Jaysons Reptiles and Driftwood
Canadian Reptile Breeders Coalition
and more....

Show Rules and By Laws as of June 13th
- no snakes which exceed three meters in length as adults
- no lizards which exceed two meters in length as adults
- no venomous or poisonous
- no live rodents
- all reptiles entering must be checked in at the front door
- no tailgate or parking lot vendors
Thank you
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