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It was nice meeting ya'll, hopefully we'll all meet up again sometime. Thanks Jeff for all the time and effort you put into organizing the weekend, next time I'll let ya know that I'm coming haha.

I would just like to point out again that I caught a Blue Racer on my first trip to the Island with the group and helped lead the way to a new number of Fox Snake's in 1 day record hahaha. I had an awesome time and will be there for sure if you do it again next year. I would like to see the total number of snakes seen and hear about what happened Monday if anything.

Also thought I'd tell you about my interesting trip home. The locals are wrong you don't want to be on the small ferry in a storm, within minutes of it leaving the dock people were grabbing the barf bags. They had to chain down the cars because they were being thrown around, the ferry was actuly geting launched into the air so much that you were often thrown out of your seat. For the first 30 minutes debris was flying around inside and numerous people throwing up, luckily all did it over the side or into the proper bags haha. The storm was so intense the ferry had to take a 30 min detour because it could hardly handle the waves. Although I felt sick after a while it was awesome watching the lightining over the lake. The drive was also fun, at times I could only see a few feet in front of the car, and at times hydroplaned through puddles over 20 feet long.

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