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ah how sweet!! Here is a site I made a few years ago. It hasn't been updated in a couple years and there are a few grammer errors I notice now but I can't find my account info to get back in and geocities is such a pain in the Anyway, I used to breed hedgies but this site was dedicated to my first, and last hedgie Bella. She was a very special pet to me and my daughter, don't think I will ever find another hedgie like her. Anyone is welcome to check it out and there is a care sheet on it, although it is a couple years outdated I think it is pretty basic requirements. Have fun looking and feel free to leave a message in Bella's memorial guestbook. Funny, I lost her a few years ago and I still miss that little girl.
Sorry if it is hard to get in as well, geocities restricts the amount of hits the pages get. Thank god for ssnakess hosting!!
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