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You could always keep some rubbermaid tubs set up in the basement as temp housing. They're cheap, seal up well and can be stacked in a closet for easy access to pack your snakes in if you hear the sirens. I wouldn't worry too much about heating or even water for the duration of a watch or warning. Not a happy thought, but if a tornado takes your house you'll be dealing with replacing the snakes permanent housing anyway. I've had to deal with power outages about once a year here in VA (ice storms, hurricanes, and the occasional tornado) and the snakes end up brumating for a few days if it's cold. I keep mostly colubrids, so I'm lucky. I keep my smaller snakes in a rack system, so all I'd have to do is snap a lid on their tubs and stack them up in the safer portion of the house. With the big snakes, I'd bag them. We don't have a basement so I'd be in the interior hallway. The trick would be catching and crating the cats!

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