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Wish we could. But we can't afford to have 2 seperate housing units for the snakes (even if one is temporary). We are moving in june and need the money, plus when we leave we need the space!

plus, there are all kinds of spiders and such I would worry about biting the snakes, I don't want to put them in unnecessary danger. our basement is just that, a basement, it's not fully built for anything to live down there. I don't even go down there by myself (bad expierence)

This is what we do,

we bag the snakes (except the w.hognose, we put him in his feeding bowl, and THEN put him in the bag.)I put a dog leash around the tops of those under the knot (easy to cary with one lead instead of juggling 5 bags), rabbit in carrier, cat & dog in carrier, the other 2 dogs will follow us.

I was just wanting to know how OTHERS deal with threats like that.
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