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Alex: Heck, cooking is more likely to destroy nutrients than freezing is. Take vitamin C for example.

Open a bottle of apple juice and let it sit in the open air for the afternoon. The vitamin C will oxidize fairly quickly. That's just the nature of it. Frying will break down the Vitamin C more quickly, while boiling has less effect, and you can save the broth, provided you use it immediately or store it in an airtight container. (Thank you, grade 9 home ec).

Claiming that freezing robs food of all nutritional content is just silly. Refrigeration and freezing are one of the prime factors in the rapid settlement of North America. Without smoked or frozen food, people would have starved to death in the harsh winters of the new world. They weren't getting any fresh veggies in a North Dakota January.

Ryan: any good specials on this week?
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