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Originally posted by AlexPan
RMBolton, I got my information from this site, and a back up from any meat specialist. Why do you think people say fresh food is better then frozen then?
Not that I take an excess of pride in this, but, since it is fitting for me to bring it up now, I am a certified product consultant at M&M Meat Shops (Canada's largest specialty frozen food chain) - yes, there is a rather long certification process. I wouldn't refer to my self as a "meat specialist" (due to the silliness of that moniker) but that is definitely what I did day in/day out for 7 years during high school and the first few years of University, I specialized in frozen meat :thumbsup:.
There are many food researchers employed by head-office that would always keep us well-informed on this very issue at hand so that we could dispel any of the silly claims that "fresh is better" (as some customers would advocate).
Again, please refer us to any reputable documentation that indicates an overall nutritional loss in meat products during proper freezing techniques.
Alex, I can tell you with confidence that you have been misinformed or you have misinterpreted information. So long as prey items are quickly frozen after being killed, are kept frozen until use, and are offered within a certain amount of time after freezing (we're talking many months here), then there is absolutely no advantage to feeding fresh-killed.
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