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thats really cool. cant wait to see the finished product.
hopefully ill be getting one of my four planned tatts soon (its taking forever to get them drawn). one is kinda of the same idea as yours.. its the skeleton of an iguana, but its the whole body. my bf is in the process of drawing it. im getting it on my lower back. and our friend that does tatts (he's one of the best ive ever seen) is drawing my others for me. lol he has never got to do a realistic lizard before and he cant wait to do mine. all of the others he has done are cartoony geckos. but mine will be of my leo right on my spine going up my neck. he's going to do shading to where it looks like its stading off my skin and lookin back. the other two i am getting are my chams. one of each of my shoulder blades looking at each other with their tails curled up.
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