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Originally posted by rwg
Another good idea is to have care sheets around for everything you sell. Not only for your customers, but for your staff.
this is a really good idea. be as informative as you can be on them too. dont just list the basics and give tips too. both about the animals history and how to care for it.
the shop i use 99% of the time does this for all of their animals. the ones for reptiles and other exotics are very descriptive down to every detail from diseases and or illnesses/housing/feeding/handling/exercise/and even what the normal color of poo it should have.
for the iguanas it even had a bi-weekly calendar that shifted every four days of a balanced iguana salad.
they have been extremely helpful to us and several friends.

another good idea would be.. (i think someone might have mentioned this before but i couldnt find it to quote.).. to have "beginner kits" that comes with like calcium, watering/feeding dish, 18" uvb lights (just to make sure that they actually use one, and they are the cheapest from what ive seen), 10gallon tank, etc etc at a reduced price from what they would be separate. this set up comes in handy for "spur of the moment" buys. just make sure that the customer knows that they will have to purchase a larger enclosure and change lights often in the future.

not sure if thats the kind of ideas that you are looking for, but thats what our shop does.
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