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Good Lord, still sporting the rocker coif is a courageous thing to do these days. Someone needs be around to remind the rest of us of the days before rock music died. lol! Myself I keep it shaved right down to the wood since abandoning the Kurt Cobain look a few years!

As for the snake-in-the-shirt business I had my 5 foot boa not only climb into my shirt but he managed to weave himself through it sufficiently so that he was just as much the wearer of the shirt as I was. A sort of polite wrestling match ensued to which I eventually conceded. He's just so strong that the only alternative would have been getting rough enough that I would get bitten or tear my shirt or hurt the snake. I was left shirtless and the boa was put back in his cage still wearing it because he just refused to let me have it back even after having taken it from me entirely. I retrieved it from the cage when he was done with it a couple hours later.
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