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Multiplying the no Iguana's plan. Most of our pet stores won't sell them. Only one here does and they claim that they have been brought in by customers asking them to get rid of them so they aren't importing them. Try to get your reptiles from local breeders in your area too, pet stores still usually double the price from what they paid for the animal but like others have said, most of your customers arent' herpers and dont' know to go direct to the breeders anyway. Most of our pet stores carry milks, kings, corns, balls and the occasional bcc, or bci. Every so often you see something rarer like a blood or a GTP but very seldom. As for lizards, leo's, beardies, anoles, chinese water dragons I see often. But don't get more than YOU are able to research and provide proper care. Also you should have caresheets and possibly a pamphlet for your local herp society so they can learn the proper care for the animal. Inform your other staff as well, I had a kid working at a pet store try to tell me that I would need a 109 Gal tank for my corns!!! LMAO, I nearly wet my pants laughing so hard at him.
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