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Well folks again 17th Ave went APESH!T! I spent 4 hours down there in the rain enjoying the sights & blowing my airhorn. I thought the floor at Metallica was wild, NOT! There were times on 17th last night when I could not even move for 5-10 minutes (I'm 6'2"+ 220 BTW) there were actually people "body surfing" the crowd it was so packed! Replicas of "Stanley" were every where. There was laughing, crying & mostly screaming going on. Fans were adorned (or not WOO HOO!) in all kinds of gear. I saw guys in full hockey gear everything but real skates (some had blades) & others in nothing but boxers & "athletic supports" LOL. I have slight whiplash from all the rubbernecking I was doing as it was "Girls Gone Wild" LIVE! Anyhow BRING ON THE NEXT COURSE!!! I think some "Philly Steak" would go DOWN quite nicely LOL GO FLAMES GO! Mark
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