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The Return of Captain Obvious

Hi all-

I have been off of the forums and out in the world trying to prepare myself for the responsibility of snake keeping, and I have one more fun question.

I have been realizing a lot of people I know keep snakes. One guy i work with has a gorgeous corn in his office. This snake, along with many others I have held, was absolutely intent on getting inside my shirt (it was a boy snake, go figure) But seriously, I cant help being paranoid that letting snakes slither around my body inside my clothing is not a good idea, mostly for fear of startling it and having it chomp me. Do most of you snake keepers allow your pet snakes inside access to your couture?

Thanks all- Im almost ready to take the plunge, got my eye on the new clutch of balls in at my LPS. Now if I can just chloroform my husband long enough...

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