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I spend somewhere in the range of $18-20 usd everyday for my commute. I live in Flint,MI and I commute to Southfield, the whole trip is 56 miles one way! I drive a S10-ZR2 (4WD) that gets about 14 MPG.

And let's be real...If people aren't going to buy any gas today they will simply buy more tomorrow or they bought more last night. We're not just going to walk to work to teach the gas stations a lesson. Gas prices go up every spring/summer, they will fall again when fall comes around.

I am more upset about road construction than anything else. We have two seasons in Michigan; Winter and Road Construction season! They close I-75 north and south to one lane either way....It makes my commute 1hr45min when it only took 1hr in the winter. And they are saying that road construction will go through November!! Road Rage anyone?

EDIT: Sorry I hit the submit button twice. LOL I may not be smart but I'm not very smart.
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