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the only solution to the rising fuel prices is an alternative source to cars run on gas , such as hybrids which use fuel cells,there is also natural gas cars which is cheaper but there is fewer stations that sell it.

i dont know much about the corn/ethanol thingy that is an alternative as well hell i dont even know what it is called.

what are we here in Ontario gonna do when dalton imposes another gas tax today at the budget ????

on a side note 3 years ago i was in australia i saw gas prices @ 99.9/L the conversion was 74.9 cdn todays gas prices in queensland australia are nearing a $1.00 /L the $ compares like this now 1.00 CAD
Canada Dollars = 1.04628 AUD
Australia Dollars

why is it the price really hasnt risen in australia? but has here ?
do i hear $1.25 a litre going once going twice .......
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