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Woohoo!! Thank you Matt!!!

Well, after much saving and planning, my new babies arrived safe and sound yesterday! I need to say a HUGE (and I do mean huge ) thank you to Matt_K for looking after these guys for me while all this was going on (and taking such great care of them!)... heck, one of the snakes had been there since the show in February! How's that for a great friend And for getting everyone all packed up so nicely so that they'd arrive safe and sound... and for perservering in getting to the airport yesterday, despite my terrible directions (whoops ).

So... THANK YOU MATT You're the absolute greatest (not that I didn't know that before this anyways )... And for anyone thinking of dealing with him, don't hesitate for a second!

Pics of the new additions to follow, tonight hopefully Can't wait to show everyone off!

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