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Back when I was trucking for a living, we had a discussion among ourselves about the price of fuel. We had come up with a plan to not haul anything anywhere. Lock the compound, park the trucks, and say screw it, fuel prices are too high, truck drivers are underpaid, we arent going anywhere.

We figured that between us, we were hauling fuel (haha), meat, bread, milk products, fresh produce, beer, cigarettes, coffee, paper goods, and frozen veggies. We had enough freight to sustain ourselves for over a month if we just stayed put. If we could get all the other drivers and trucking companies to join us, within a week we could grind the country to a halt.

Imagine going to the corner store for groceries and finding them out of bread, milk and meat, not to mention beer, coffee and cigarettes. I think we could have started a riot in no time.
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