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Shave It All Off For Road Injured Turtles!

If you love turtles and/or kids read this note!

On June 13 the Ontario Reptile Expo will be held in Mississauga and this time there will be another feature that is somewhat out of the ordinary.

Steve Marks (me) will have his crazy mane shaved off for the sake of turtles and kids! Then to top it all off, I'll have a TURTLE painted on my freshly de-nuded dome! This will all happen in front of hundreds of my peers and friends (so they can have a good laugh)! I assure you there will be video too!

This will all happen IF I raise $2000 for the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre, by 12 NOON June 13. The hair that is chopped off will be sent to Locks For Love (to make hair pieces for kids with cancer)

The HIGHEST BIDDER gets to do the deed! I will arrange for a ride for the highest bidder if they do not wish to drive to Mississauga. This is your chance to really tell me what you think of my stupid lid! It's also a chance for you to help turtles! I have already taken two turtles in this spring and these road injured critters really do get fixed up and released right where they were found - it's awesome!

PLEASE EMAIL ME at AND PLEDGE SOME $$$ Every little bit helps, and for a little more YOU could shave my head!

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