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Hey everyone...back for abit. I have been pretty busy since its been so nice out here for once! And plus my computer sucks. Been giving me a ton of trouble...I'm gonna have to crash it and start over! Oh well

Well I still have everything in my sig and they're all doin great! My Leos are getting really big!

In a month or so I plan on buying a Tokay and a pair of Blizzard Leos. Then next year I might pick up another Labyrinth Burm, female probably.

But other than that I havent gotten anything new. Except I almost picked up a Schnieders Skink...its was so cool! But I dont really know anything bout them so I hold off.


Well I guess I should add some more stuff that I forgot to put in.

I have been busy playing some PS2 also. I now play Online.

FFXI- Disturbed
SOCOM II- DisturbedPunkk

I also play DDR a TON! Haha I do Heavy. I can do Reverse, Sudden, Dark, and a bunch of other tricks.
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